There are many small projects you can take on if you're looking to improve the value of your home on a budget.  Let's start with the exterior. Statistics show that basic maintenance on the exterior can have a return of 2-5%!

I know at my house there is always more landscaping to do but one simple way to make your home easier on the eyes is to give it a pressure wash.  At the local Home Depot, renting a pressure washer costs about $70 dollars a day. Pressure washing is easy and doesn't take a lot of time, you could have it done in a day or two! 

Take a look at these pictures and see what a difference it can make!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to improve the value of your home!

*statistics from

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Tips for Updating the Look of an Older Home Using Lighting


    When I was a young man, I remember most of the lighting used in homes was either indirect, by table lamps or hanging light fixtures. Although these forms of lighting had a sense of beauty, they were a poor source of washing painted wall surfaces and getting a sense of the true paint color. They were also difficult to read by unless one was right by the fixture which was hot and uncomfortable.

 Today, modern media such as computer screens and LED televisions in our homes are much easier on our eyes if we use the proper type of lighting to illuminate the room. One can give a stunning new look and feel to an older home by adding recessed lighting. Many times, homeowners shy away from…

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You’ve decided you want to build a home instead of purchasing one that is already built. Do you know where to begin?

First item on the list is to call me! That’s right, you can contact me and I can walk you through the process and connect you with several reputable Builders in the Bryan/College Station area. I can schedule meetings with the different Builders, help with choosing a Builder, and even partake in the design process if the buyer requests that. I can be as involved as the buyer would like!

You’re probably thinking, “How much does that cost?” It doesn’t cost the buyer anything! Most all Builders will pay Realtors a referral fee.

So before you decide to move forward on building your home without representation from a Realtor, give me a…

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Happy or Unhappy Halloween?


A celebration of Halloween can be a fun, special time with family and friends trick or treating from house to house in the neighborhood, all dressed up as your favorite character and enjoying the time to play, but it can also be a time of fear for little ones who might not understand scary masks, TV programs or even decorations. In my own experience with our sons, sometimes Halloween was not so much fun. Older children take delight in scaring younger children, much to my dismay. Nightmares and fear followed for weeks on end. The scary masks in the stores frightened our boys and made them uneasy when we entered to go grocery shopping.

            What to do? We always tried to remind our sons that these masks were…

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 A common question sellers ask when I’m touring their house during the home evaluation is “Why should I choose you?”.  It’s a fair question, and arguably the most important question they should ask when we’re meeting.  So why should a seller choose me?  Well let’s take a look:

-       Heavy social media presence – Between my own online profiles and those of TM5 Properties, we have a reach of more than 6,300 followers.  That’s more than any others in town!  So when I market your home, I’m not just posting the listing to a couple other websites, I’m also immediately communicating with a huge pool of potential buyers.

-       Back to back Aggie 100 recipient – This prestigious reward is given to the top 100 fastest growing Aggie-owned companies…

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This week's spotlight is shining on one of the most elegant neighborhoods in BCS: The Miramont!   The Miramont neighborhood is centered around the prestigious Miramont Country Club! As you can see from the picture above, the Miramont Country Club is an architectural wonder and mimics some of the most famous castles in Ireland, Germany, French and England. The homes in the Miramont neighborhood evoke the same architectural designs, making for an elegant, one-of-a-kind community. The Miramont neighborhood is also in a great location that is only a few miles away from Texas A&M University, but avoids the college traffic.    Living in the Miramont community allows residents to be able to take advantage of all the amazing amenities the country…

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