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Posted by Michelle Peacock on Monday, April 20th, 2020 at 10:28am

Moving during a Pandemic... Should you? Can you? 

The fact is that even during this time of COVID-19 there will be times when people need housing. ~They may find themselves changing jobs and needing to move to another area.

~They may find themselves needing to move closer to family to help care for loved ones.

~They may find their family growing and needing a larger space.

~They may find that it is time to downsize and make use of their financial investment.

Whatever the reason people still need to buy, sell or rent property. Lucky for us, here in TEXAS, we are still able to do that. Here are just a few ways we can be smart about it as well.


If you are needing to sell your home


Take some time to prepare. 

In the past people have often wanted to list their home right away and then clean out, touch up, or make repairs while they have it listed or in response to feedback they may get while it is listed. Now is NOT the time to use this tactic. Especially now, people want to see clean homes. They need homes that are ready to move in so that the process for everyone is a streamlined as possible. Take the time BEFORE you go live with your listing to get everything ready, just as you would want it ready for yourself. Make it look amazing! You Agent should also have professional photos and a video done as well. This will shorten the time your home is listed as well as limit the volume of people walking through your home; all of this limiting everyone's exposure.


Listen to your Agent.

Prior to going into this pandemic our local market had already become more balanced. The "Seller's Market" of a couple of years ago had leveled out, and if a seller over priced their home they risked staying on the market longer and even NOT getting as much for their property as they might have if priced appropriately. Right now sellers need to listen to their Agents and price their home correctly. This will limit the time it is active on the market as well as limit the volume of individuals passing through; again limiting everyone's exposure.


If you are needing to buy a home


Again, take some time to prepare.

Speak with your lender. Changes in the market can change your scenario. Make sure you understand completely what you are qualified to buy and your rates. This will allow you to be prepared to make an offer quickly. Being decisive means you CAN make an offer on that home you love, it means you do not have to wait to hear back from your lender and possibly lose that home and start your search all over again which would mean increasing everyone's exposure risk.


Really understand what each party in the purchase wants and needs. 

During the walk through of a property is not the time to workout who needs or wants what feature in a home. Especially not now. I spend a lot of time telling couples that I am not a counselor. I can see the good side of many features - I am a REALTOR and I actually like it so of course I am able to see the positive. So right now, please, spend time in front of the computer together and really look through the pictures and often a video and really evaluate before going to see the property in person. If you can eliminate a potential property before going to see it in person this will again reduce everyone's exposure risk.


Things your Agent can do to help


Plan and Schedule

Everyone needs to be conscious of each other right now. Many people are home due to stay-at-home orders. They may be working from home, schooling from home, etc. Regardless, the ability to schedule a showing on short notice may not be available. It is always polite to schedule a showing about 24 hours in advance if possible. Right now it may take even longer. Your Agent is there to help with scheduling and to make the process as accommodating as possible for all parties.


Safe, Clean, and Socially Distanced

It is important to remember to take care of everyone as well. Many Agents are carrying hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes with them. Each client needs to take personal responsibility to speak up and let their Agent know what practices will make them feel more comfortable. Would you like for your Agent to wear a mask? Gloves? Would you prefer your agent do a video walk through instead of you physically going to the property? These things are all possible and all ways that your Agent is here to help you!


Do you need to buy or sell a home right now? I am HERE to help you and would love to be a resource for you during this "interesting" time!

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