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Posted by TM5 Properties Agent on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 3:39pm

Looking for ways to enhance your property value or just looking for ways to add enjoyment to your land? I will provide you with a few tips to do just that.

Step One- Master Plan

Sit down and put pen to paper on the major factors you will face while improving your land. Decide on a budget and a time table that you feel is reasonable. To make the most out of your time, provide a time table for each project you plan on completting.

Step Two- Identify Property Lines

Whether you are putting your property on the market or improving the property for personal use, a survey will be a big asset. You want to know excactly how much acerage you have and locate your corners and land lines. Buyers enjoy seeing an up-to-date survey on a property and seeing the land lines and corners clearly marked will be a plus when the property is being shown. As a landowner, you will most likely need heavy equipment to complete your improvements. Picking out areas of improvement based on your survey and having them marked and flagged before the equipment arrives will prove to be cost and time efficient.

Step Three- Make Property Accessible

Working a lot of cattle and hunting as a kid nothing agrevated me more than having to ride or walk through a set of trees to get to the other side or get back to the fence line. If the cost of a fire break is feasible to you, I would recomend it. We all know that rain in Texas is never a given. A firebreak will help prevent any fires from coming onto your place and also provide you with the ability to ride your fence lines with ease. If your land has large pockets of trees consider cutting a few trails through a couple of them. From a selling perspective, this makes it that much easier for a potential buyer to see exactly what it is that he/she may be buying. This will also provide someone with extra trails to hike, bike, or ride ATV's. Cutting these trails will give you more access to sections of your land you were once locked out of. This may make a 100 acre track feel more like 200 becasue of the amount of the land you are able to access.

Step Four- Improvements

With a new survey and the property being more accessible you can start to add improvements to the property that make it more enjoyable. Small scale improvements can be planting desirable trees, gardens, and removing unwanted trees. From there you can get soil test done to see what types of grasses would grow well in your area. You can burn off the exsisting grass and plant a more desirable grass. This could go a long way in establishing a cattle, horse, or hay operation on the property. If you enjoy seeing wildlife or enjoy hunting adding feeders and stands to the property will increase your odds in doing both. One of the most effective ways to add enjoyment and value to your property is to dig a lake. Everyone either loves to fish or have friends and family that will.


Contact Tommy Mock today with any questions you may have about your personal property or finding a place for yourself to enjoy.

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