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Posted by Becky Johnson on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 1:48pm

I have just attended an office education hour hosted by Dustin Ogle from Brazos Valley Marketing, a young entrepreneur who will graduate from TAMU with a bachelor's degree in engineering within a few days. I feel compelled to share today's experience with you. 

Earlier today during a live Instagram event, when asked the question, "What advice would you give to college students who are just starting out and want to become entrepreneurs", our broker and CEO, Terrence Murphy, SR replied, "While you are in college, start your own business, even if its a lawn care business or go work at a fast food restaurant. It will teach you customer service and many other things".  Today I witnessed the spot on advice that worked for Dustin. During his college years, Dustin began pursuing a digital marketing business by offering internet marketing services to local business owners of all types.  Once he started getting into the real estate field of digital marketing, he decided to partner with someone who was an expert in that field.   Today,  Brazos Valley Marketing has clients across the US. The main service of Brazos Valley Marketing is SEO (search engine optimization), which is where we take a clients website and rank it on page #1 of Google.  Dustin is just now adding college graduate to his resume.   Where would each of us be if we had heard and taken the advice to start our own business in college?  Would that advice have made a difference in your life?

Today we also witnessed great advice in action.  During Dustin's presentation, he gave us value by providing a free, valuable service to those in attendance. In exchange for 30 minutes of our time, Dustin proved how he would be of great benefit to our business.  This action is something we are encouraged to do as REALTORS every day; to prove our value to potential clients of our services, to gain clients by our professionalism.  We are advised to offer value prior to asking for their business.  Are we following this advice by offering value?  The internet world delivers all avenues of information into both our work space & living space.  It is the perfect opportunity to set ourselves apart from the rest by showing our value.  Here are a few ways that we can set ourselves apart from the rest.

1.  Offer value by keeping a list of vendors a homeowner may need at any given time.  Periodically ask for customer referrals to keep the list current.  Follow up on the referrals to make sure the work is top quality.

2.  Create an annual property report using statistics complied by NAR or your local REALTOR Association.  Offer the report to potential customers annually or quarterly.

3.  Offer to create a personalized comparative market analysis on potential customers property.  During different times of the year, customers may want or need to know their homes value.

4.  Stay in touch with a personalized newsletter that is current and filled with valuable information, information that the reader will see value in.

5.  Get involved in your community and support local causes.  Be present to your clients.

6.  Keep your customers/clients updated on the properties in their neighborhood that go on the market and sell.

7.  As realtors, we have tools to create just about any type of property report a property owner or potential buyer could dream of.  Property reports from history of an area to history of one specific property, neighborhood statistics of all types, you name it, we have the ability to create it and to share it with individual customers.

8.   Teach potential real estate customers to make the right decisions based on their real estate education not on their feelings.  Be a professional real estate adviser.  Help them find the right lender who meets their specific needs.  Help them narrow their search to fit what their needs & wants are.  Guide them to make educated decisions all through the process.  

As realtors, the list of ways to help our customers/clients is vast, too vast to list in this blog post.  Set yourself apart from the rest and meet your own expectations and goals.  Great advice from our mentors at TM5 Properties that is given (and accepted) on a regular basis.

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