Home Maintenance: Teach Your Children

Posted by on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 8:19am

This morning as I was thumbing through several issues of Popular Mechanics, my husband’s favorite magazine, I paused on the Father’s Day issue.  The cover caught my eye – “127 Things My Father Taught Me.”  It made me wonder – what did my father teach me?

Looking at the article, I found that most fathers gave tips for repairing the car or some item in the house and others imparted general nuggets of wisdom. When I was sixteen, my dad taught me how to check the oil in my car and add more when necessary.  This proved to be invaluable. My first car, a red 1970 Toyota Corolla, burned oil like crazy.  

He taught me how to make delicious eggplant parmigiana. 

My father was a plumber, and very often he would ask me to go get a particular tool for him out of the garage.  I quickly learned about flat head and Phillips head screw drivers, augers, basin wrenches, snakes, washers, PVC pipe joints, plumbers putty and the like.  As a result of this training, minor home repairs and maintenance don’t frighten me.  I feel fully confident I can tackle any of them with my tools and the help of a YouTube video tutorial.

Next fall, my older daughter will leave our home for college.  I now wonder if her dad and I have equipped her with the necessary basic knowledge to survive in the real world of home maintenance.   I sat down and made a list of essential knowledge or skills we needed to pass on to her before next August.   Here’s what I came up with so far:

  • Locating the breaker box and how to reset a tripped breaker.
  • How to turn the water off at the main, under sinks, and behind toilets in the event of a burst pipe or a leak.
  • How to use a plunger.  Better yet, make sure she owns a plunger.
  • How to use a fire extinguisher and when to change the batteries in the smoke detectors.
  • Locating the air conditioning filters and how often to change them. 
  • How to unclog the garbage disposal and where to find the special wrench made for the task.

I am certain that I am forgetting many things and so glad I have nearly a year to prepare.  If you have any other essential tips for home maintenance you feel I should add to this list, please leave a comment or email me at tara@tm5properties.com



4 Responses to Home Maintenance: Teach Your Children

Kendra Hudson wrote:

Tara, you are spot on about so much of this! We had some tenants who didn't know how to turn off the water behind an upstairs toilet and within just a few minutes water was leaking through the ceiling downstairs!

Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 1:17pm

Terrence Murphy wrote:

great blog tara

Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 4:13pm

Andy Duggan wrote:

Great article Tara!
I can use your list for Caroline.
Now I don't have to devise my own list!

Posted on Sunday, November 24th, 2013 at 3:07pm

Deepika wrote:

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Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 4:35am

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