Winter is coming! Even though we may be trying to hold on to the last couple weeks of fall, colder temperatures are headed our way! With dropping temperatures comes a new set of maintenance items to prepare for as homeowners. This week on the blog, I am compiling a few of the most important (and pertinent for the Bryan/College Station area) tips you'll need to prepare for this winter weather. 


1) Check Your Heating System

For most households, you probably haven't had to turn on your heater until recently! Some homeowners know their units well enough to do a inspection on their own, but a lot of homeowners choose to have a HVAC technician come out when the season changes just to inspect the unit & clean if needed. If your home has a functional fireplace, this is also a good time to check for blockages & clean the chimney if needed. 


2) WeatherProof Exterior Pipes

This one is very important for Texans! Our weather is often so unpredictable and hard freezes often come with little warning. Checking your exterior pipes for any damage and/or leaks in a must prior to freezing temperatures. You can also purchase inexpensive pipe wrappings from Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart to give a little more safety to your pipes. Frozen pipes often burst and cost homeowners a pretty penny to get repaired. 


3) Check Gutters & Drainage 

Texas winters are often accompanied by plenty of rain and wind. It is important to ensure your gutters and drainage systems are clear of debris. It is also a good idea to clear out your window weep holes so that rain does not back up into your home via your windows. Air compressors are a great tool for both of these tasks!


4) Seal Leaky Door & Windows 

Make sure to check your doors and windows for any leaks. It is a good time to replace the weatherstripping so that your home stays warm & your utility bills don't go through the roof! You also want to be sure to protect your entryways & floors from the increased moisture & debris that are likely to be tracked inside during the winter. Make sure for hardwood floors you have a waterproof rug/mat that protects your flooring!


5) Prepare for Winter Storms

It is always best to be over-prepared rather than under prepared, so get a storm prep stash together. Flashlights, extra batteries, a radio & possibly a generator are all great things to have on hand.


6) Check your carbon monoxide & smoke detectors!

With the increased use of the heater along with the holidays bringing lit candles & more use of your appliances, be sure to test your smoke detectors & ensure the batteries are fresh. Dryer vent fires are also much more common in the winter, so be sure to clean out your dryer vents this holiday season. 


7) Don't Forget About Your Plants!

Winter temperatures sometimes spell disaster for your plants, especially if they are on the newer side. Wrap your plants if possible & try and save them from the winter weather! Research your specific plants to see if they are meant to be dormant during the winter or if they are cold hardy. Landscaping is an expensive investment, so try and protect it when you can!


These are just a few tips to help you & your home make it through this winter weather. Bundle up & stay warm!


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