Mission Statement

TM5 Properties is a real estate brokerage that consists of only full-time Realtors and experts of the local real estate market.  We pride ourselves on hard work, knowledge and integrity to achieve superior results for our clients. Our strategy is a coherent set of actions aimed at gaining a sustainable advantage and to achieve complete dominance in the BCS real estate market.

Located in the heart of ‘Aggieland’, also known as Bryan/College Station, we are willing to put our modern, cutting-edge practices and services up against any competitor in the Brazos Valley. Our mission and focus is to be the #1 real estate brokerage in the local market and top of mind of all customers when they consider buying, selling or renting.

We commit to stay atop of the most current trends, contemporary practices and all aspects in the real estate industry. This is our mission and how we create unique value to our clients and are distinctive from other real estate brokerages in our real estate market. 

TM5 Core Values

  • God, Family, Career (What legacy are you leaving behind?)
  • Conduct our business and ourselves in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner at all times. We are all a reflection of each other and TM5 in the community.
  • Treat everyone with respect and fairness.
  • Be accepting of ongoing change and continuous learning.
  • Be committed and disciplined to grow your business through pro-active prospecting, ever evolving systems, and lead generation.
  • Be passionate about real estate, work hard, be positive, be self-driven, be relentless in your follow up, create ways to succeed and find answers instead of excuses and problems.

TM5 Core Purpose

  • TM5’s core purpose as a locally owned and operated real estate company is to provide superior real estate services to the local Bryan/College Station community. It is solely intended to serve the local market and provide multiple services including helping customers buy, sell, or rent with an emphasis on residential real estate. Each Agent at TM5 will be held to a very high standard to challenge themselves to unimaginable personal ceilings and then break through those barriers.  Agents will also be encouraged to keep what is really important out front so that a balanced life will be inevitable at work and at home.  In conclusion, our main purpose is to be top of mind when customers think to buy, sell or rent in the local market. 

TM5 Situation Analysis

  • Real estate sales has become a tough, competitive market place in which only the intelligent, hard working, problem solving, pro-active Realtors survive. After the 2008 down turn in real estate, Realtors have to put on the hard hat and not just put signs in the yard to get sales, they have to work. TM5 has quickly made it's mark on the Bryan/College Station real estate market by their modern techniques and aggressive marketing strategies in which has asserted the company as one of the fastest growing and more successful real estates brokerages in Brazos Valley. 

TM5 Vision

  • To bring back the locally Aggie Owned, boutique real estate firm that focuses all efforts and resources on specialized markets like Bryan-College Station. To truly grow the company one Realtor at a time and not just hire anyone with a license. But focus on Realtors who have the same passion, morals, and vision that TM5 Properties has.  When everyone in the firm is on the same accord, that concerted effort is a true phenomenon and the momentum is undeniable. 

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